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Missed Opportunity to Provide Tax Relief: HB0146

Updated: 1 hour ago

Property tax relief was one of the most important subjects at this year’s legislature. Our own district, HD 57, has a substantial number of renters. Yet Jeanette Ward wouldn’t listen to how our renters could be impacted by property taxes. Another legislator even showed how Wyoming renters are required to pay a portion of property taxes, but this didn’t matter to Jeanette Ward.

“Jeanette missed a unique opportunity to provide tax relief to renters at no expense to landlords, but she couldn’t be bothered to listen and learn more. It looked like she didn’t even care to understand the process: a vote to introduce the bill didn’t mean she was approving it. It would just have enabled some good, important, conversations. Sadly, dialogue seemed to be out of the question." Tyler Cessor

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